.EU domain for 10 years
only 12 €

Plus: web hosting for year 50% off.

Campaign price 03-12.05.2021 or until .EU domains last.

Why prefer .EU domain?

Always near

For 25 million companies .EU means common standards and no customs or borders.

Common rules

For almost 450 million people .EU means customer rights are protected.


Registration data verification helps to prevent fraud and abusive practices.

What to do with new domain?

Redirect to social media

Domains registered at Zone benefit from free redirection, for example to your Instagram account or Facebook page. This means you can advertize your own address without risk of being locked in when trends or plans change.

Start your own web

You can add web hosting during .EU domain registration ang get fist year for the price of 6 months. Zone+ lets you add WordPress or tens of other web applications with a single click.

Add to existing hosting

You can add .EU domain as alias to existing web hosting: visitors will reach the same web page and e-mail will arrive in existing mailboxes.

Frequently asked questions

How long does so good price last?

.EU price is constantly one of the lowest, but registration for 10 years for 12€ (10€ + VAT) is possible only until 12.05.2021 23:00 (GMT+03).

Who can register a .eu domain name?

Any natural person, company or organisation residing in or established in the European Union, Iceland, Liechtenstein or Norway can register a .EU domain name.

Can existing .EU domains be renewed at this price?

No. This campaign is only for new registrations.

Can I register .ею?

Yes - зоне.ею is completely registered with us.

Is a half-priced server still as awesome as the full price?

Sure! This is exactly the same Package I Shared Server with all the volumes and additional features, just the price of the first year is half as low.

More questions?

If you have more questions, feel free and write to us info@zone.ee!